Swimming: Our Grade R to 3’s receive formal swimming lessons, once a week, during school time.  Our seniors have practice once a week and swim in regular gala’s.

Cricket: Our Grade 1 and 2 boys and girls participate in mini-cricket where they learn the basic skills of fielding, batting and bowling.  From Gr 3 they play mini-cricket matches against other schools, once a week.

Our seniors play hard ball cricket from Grade 4 and play weekly matches.

Tennis: We offer junior and senior beginner tennis.  Team tennis matches are played once a week.

Athletics: All our pupils take part in our inter-house athletics meeting at the beginning of the year.  Cross Country athletes practice in teh week and run races on a Friday afternoon.

Chess:  Chess is played all year round, with matches once a week.

Rugby: Our Grade R, 1’s and 2’s play mini-rugby once a week and start playing weekly matches from Grade 3.

Our seniors play matches once a week against various school’s in Cape Town.

Netball: Our Grade 1’s and 2’s play mini-netball and start playing matches in Grade 3.  Our seniors play matches once a week.

Hockey: Mini hockey is played by boys and girls in Grade 1 and 2, learning the basic skills of dribbling, hitting, stopping and all the rules.  From Grade 3 they start playing weekly matches.

Drum Majorettes: Drummies takes place all year round. We offer mini-drummies for the little ones to learn the basic skills of marching, flag and mace.  Once they have mastered these, the girls will be eligible to try out for the team.  The team is currently Western Province champions and number 3 in the country.

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